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Founder’s Message

Prof. Dr. Lopamudra Bhattacharyya

Welcome to GLF Business School – where life starts with new challenges.

We’ll show you how to face new challenges – big or small. Our students always search for knowledge and insights. It all begins with a dream. We provide a place for nurturing your dreams and creative thinking. We support our students and give them a chance to become the explorers and guide them reaching their goals.

I’m sure, you’ll find your life here!

Best wishes,
Prof. Lopamudra Bhattacharyya

Director’s Message

Prof. Dr. Avijit Banerjee

The world of business is full of threats and challenges. Don’t get scared of any adverse situation.

Brave people change the world. The secret of freedom is courage. GLFBS is a place to grow that courage to face new challenges. Follow your own passion, nurture it, and always stay hungry for life.

Best wishes,
Prof. Avijit Banerjee


The shape of open book is symbolic to transfer of knowledge. The pages of the open book are like petals of a blossoming flower and leafs symbols of purity, love and care. The colours used in the logo are vibrant green representing youth, sea blue representing depth of knowledge, indigo blue representing wisdom and the cover of the book or base of the logo is soil coloured signifying the connection with soil and earth that indicates need for maintaining the root firmly and to be practical in life as well as consciousness about the natural environment of the globe.

Core Belief

Learning for Leadership is for all walks of life.


To be a catalyst of management education in the process of change from traditional Business Administration Model to Business Leadership.


Fostering business leadership by creating new breed of leader-managers based on five key elements: Strategic Leadership, Innovative Leadership, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Sustainable Leadership, and Ethical Leadership.


GLF Business School (GLFBS) is an autonomous Post Graduate College affiliated to the West Bengal State University. GLFBS offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in a wide range of specializations as well as industry aligned courses. GLFBS has ranked amongst a leading Higher Education institutions in India and awarded consistently as the Best B-School. GLFBS is pioneer in fostering Business Leadership model in Management education derived from our empirical research in five key areas: Innovative Leadership, Entrepreneurial Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Sustainable Leadership, and Ethical Leadership. GLFBS is proud to have a strong professional network with industry, academia, and government agencies and is also engaged in corporate training, consulting, and research since inception. GLFBS has established collaborative associations with Higher Education Institutes of high repute and partnerships with leading Industry bodies. GLFBS has been recognized as one of the leading management colleges in India. GLFBS consistently own the Best B-School Awards in recognition for the excellence it strives thought leadership, academic excellence, learning innovation, applied research initiatives, using technology having social impact, and industry-academia interface. GLFBS operates under the aegis of SMT Centre For Advanced Learning, a public charitable educational trust registered in 2005. The trust was promoted by the Strategic Management Technology Consultants who are into the management advisory services since 1999-2000.

National Awards & Accolades

GLFBS is the recipient of ASSOCHAM Best B-School Award 2017, 2018 and 2019, Technology Excellence Award For Social Impact 2018, The Innovative Institute Award 2018, Royal Excellence Award 2017 under Best B-School category. GLF Business School ranks amongst Top–10 Business Analytics Institutions in India (Higher Education Review, Bangalore, 2018).

Core Academic Areas

The core academic areas of GLF Business School include:

  1. Statistics and Econometrics
  2. Finance & Risk Management
  3. Marketing, Advertising, Media & Brand Management
  4. HR & Corporate Law
  5. Valuation Studies
  6. Data Science, Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
  7. Biotech Management
  8. Healthcare & Hospital Management
  9. Retail, Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  10. Travel and Tourism Management
  11. Hotel and Hospitality Management
  12. Project Management

Research Institute & Centres

The research and innovation at GLF Business School, since 2005, aims to integrate science and technology with management and entrepreneurship to convert the research and innovations into tangible business ventures for speedy development of an ecosystem in the region conducive to the economic growth. GLF Business School runs Technology Business Incubator to facilitate the start-ups in different thrust areas with the access of physical and intellectual resources as well as access to market. It aims at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship and speedy development of an ecosystem in the region conducive to the economic growth. It also aims at make a network with academia, research institutions, industry, financiers, legal experts and other professionals, as well as government agencies.  The entrepreneurs are offered management courses and training programs in different areas such as Business Strategy, Innovation and R&D Management, Entrepreneurship Management, Legal and IPR, Project Management, Machine Learning etc. to build necessary cohesiveness with commercialization of business ideas. It provides a platform of getting advisory services from the mentors and industry experts through Business Clinics as well as opportunities to have meeting with the investors and prospective customers on the other hand. Linkages and strategic collaboration with technology providers, research institutions, industry bodies, financial institutions, and government organizations are some important functions. GLF Business School acts as a catalyst to the technology transfer and acquisition to ease the start-ups and organizes Innovation & Entrepreneurship Conferences / Workshops regularly across the country to foster innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the young people in India.

GLF Business School since its inception provides support in Capacity Building and Skill Development is versatile areas. The “Skill for Life” project is a social outreach program of GLF Business School for livelihood development of the underprivileged rural and urban youth in certain skill sectors. The underprivileged youth in this project are provided rigorous skill training in various areas to make them fit for the industry and start-

GLF Business School runs following Research Institutes & Centres from its Sector V Campuses:

  1. Institute of Integrative Research – IIR (Focus Areas: Biotechnology, Electronics, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence)
  2. Technology Innovation, Skill & Entrepreneurship Centre – TISEC (Programs: Innovation Studio | Startup Launch Pad | WISH (Women Innovation & Startup Hub) | Skill For Life Program (a social outreach program)
  3. Centre For Valuation Studies – CVS (Areas: Real Estate Valuation, Plant & Machinery Valuation, and Business Valuation)