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Our Board of Studies updates our curriculum in consultation with the subject experts at a regular interval making it multidisciplinary as far as practicable, The syllabus are designed to make it pragmatic and practical oriented. Apart from a strong theoretical knowledge, management being a professional course, demands imparting all essential skills required to work in the business world as an employee or an entrepreneur. GLFBS offers a wide range of specialization subjects which can be classified under two broad heads viz. ‘Function Specific’ and ‘Industry Specific’. There are compulsory internship project so as to make the students more conversant with the industry practices. Apart from the practical learning in industry, the focus of the study are on the experiential learning, peer learning, team work, lab-based learning, analytical-diagnostic-problem solving-decision making abilities etc involving latest pedagogy of management education. The revision of syllabus focuses on the recent industry trends, digital economy, and market requirements. Based on the collective inputs from the key stakeholders of management education, benchmarking with the Indian and foreign institutions of high repute, and considering the basic requirements of the employers; the syllabus is modified at par.