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Management education in India has evolved considerably over last seven decades. The post 90s rapid economic development and liberalization witnessed substantial demand for management education. The current wave of turbulence caused by the twin influences of technology disruption and the pandemic has posed new challenges for the aspiring students. The critical issues include the key skills in management and emerging technologies as well. It has become a timely approach that GLF Business School has already taken to integrate management skills as well as knowledge of cutting-edge technology to make the students ‘battle-ready’ when they intend to commence career. GLF Business School is the first B-School in India recognized by the Ministry of MSME, Govt of India as Host Institute & Business Incubator for entrepreneurship development and promoting startups under Govt Funded Schemes run by the said Ministry. The technology-based incubation centre at GLF Business School aims at providing facilities in emerging technology areas such as 3D Printing, Robotics and Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI-ML), Blockchain, Biotechnology, Internet of Things (IoT) etc. that have caused changes of business environment significantly over last few decades. Building a platform for knowledge-based learning using the cutting-edge technologies is the main motto of this initiative.