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Integrated BBA-MBA Program

BBA Semester – I:
BBA Semester – II:
Environmental Studies
Principle and Practice of Management
Micro Economics
Business Statistics
Communicative Language
Excel for Business
Entrepreneurship Development
Organization Behaviour
Macro Economics
Business Mathematics
Advanced Communication
Introduction to Statistical Software
BBA Semester III:
BBA Semester IV:
Business Law
Financial Accounting
Basics of Direct & Indirect Tax
Financial Management
Business Communication & Negotiation Skill
Accounting Software
Cost & Management Accountancy
Human Resource Management
Sales & Marketing
Production and Operation Management
Business Communication in Digital World
E-Commerce & Digital Marketing
BBA Semester V:
BBA Semester VI:
Business Policy & Strategy
Research Methodology & Project
Specialization Paper I
Specialization Paper II
Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
Corporate Social Responsibility
Specialization Paper III
Specialization Paper IV

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

MBA Semester I:

MBA Semester I:
Core Papers
MBA Semester II:
Core Papers
Essentials of Contemporary Management
Legal Aspects of Business
Managerial Economics
Financial Accounting For Managers
Advanced Business Communications
Statistics For Managers
Business Analytics & Advanced Spreadsheet
Project Work
Human Resource Management
Financial Management
Marketing Management
Project & Contract Management
Global Business Dynamics, Innovation & Strategy
Business, Society & Human Values
Quantitative Techniques & Data Analytics
Project Work
MBA Semester III:
Core Papers & Elective Papers
MBA Semester IV:
Core Papers & Elective Papers
Project WorkDissertation
Elective Papers from Specialization: 6 PapersElective Papers from Specialization: 6 Papers


Area: Finance & Valuation


Elective PapersElective Papers
Financial Planning & Analysis
Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
Management Accounting
Financial Risk Management & Derivatives
Financial Laws & Regulations
Corporate Tax
Financial Services & Markets
Corporate Restructuring and M&A
International Finance
Management Control System
Professional Ethics & Standards
Financial Valuation & Reporting
Financial Analytics

Real Estate Valuation and Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Real Estate Laws in India
Land Economics & Environmental Issues
Principles of Real Estate Valuation
Valuation of Real Estate – I
Construction & Maintenance Management
Estate Management – I
Valuation of Real Estate – II
Valuation of Immovable Assets
Estate Management – II
Principles of Insurance & Loss Assessment
Professional Ethics & Standards of Valuation
Valuation Reporting

Plant and Machinery Valuation

Elective PapersElective Papers
Legal Aspects of P & M Valuation
Environmental Issues
Principles of P & M  Valuation
Valuation of P & M – I
Physical Verification of Machine & Tools
Depreciation & Obsolescence
Valuation of P & M – II
Production & Industrial Processes
Maintenance Management
Principles of Insurance & Loss Assessment
Professional Ethics & Standards of Valuation
Valuation Reporting

Area: Human Resource Management & Corporate Law

Human Resource Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Personnel Management
Human Resource Planning
Talent Acquisition, Positioning & Retention Plan
Learning & Motivation
Performance Management
Compensation Management
Strategic HRM
Employee Relations
Team Building & Leadership
Human Resource Accounting & Audit
Human Resource Information System
Professional Ethics in Human Resource
Human Resource Analytics

Corporate Law

Elective PapersElective Papers
Formation & Constitution of Business Organizations
Management & Administration of Companies
Financing of Companies & Investor Protection
Contract & Conversion
Corporate Governance & CSR
Corporate Reporting & Disclosures
Laws of Restructuring & Liquidation
Insolvency & Bankruptcy Laws
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Competition Law
Economic Laws of Land & Property
Corporate Fraudulent & Crimes

Area: Marketing, Advertising, Retail & Logistics

Marketing Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Marketing Strategies & Plans
Assessing Market Opportunities & Market Research
Consumer Behaviour & CRM
Competitive Dynamics & Market Segmentation
Brand Management
Sales & Distribution Management
Product & Pricing Strategy
Integrated Marketing Communication
Service Marketing
International Marketing
Digital & Social Media Marketing
Professional Ethics in Marketing
Marketing Analytics

Advertising and Media Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Mass Communications & Mass Media
Corporate Communications
Media Economics, Media Laws & Ethics
Consumer Behaviour in Media
Advertising Management & Research
Visual Communications
Print Production & Audiovisual Production
Media Campaign
Media Management
Event Management
Professional Ethics in Advertising

Retail Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Introduction to Retail Management
Consumer Behavior For Retail
Retail Strategy & Stores Site Selection
Retail Franchising & Retail Merchandising
Retail Pricing & Profitability
Store Operations & Performance Evaluation
Supply Chain Management
Private Labels & Category Management
Stores Design & Visual Merchandising
Retail Marketing & Branding
Servicing Retail Customers
Retail Management Information System
Retail Analytics

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Logistics & Transportation
Analysis of Supply Markets & Supplies
Purchase & Supply Management
Logistics & Supply Chain Strategy
Supply Chain Modeling
Manufacturing Planning & Control
TQM & Lean Supply Chain Management
Global Supply Chain Management
Safety, Security & Insurance
Professional Ethics in Logistics
Operations & Supply Chain Analytics

Information Technology, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Elective PapersElective Papers
Advanced Statistics For Data Science
Data Engineering using Python
Big Data Analytics
Exploratory Visual Analytics
Foundation of Machine Learning
Supervised Learning For Machine Learning
Unsupervised Learning For Machine Learning
Regression & Predictive Modelling
Machine Learning Algorithm
Deep Learning with Neural Networks
Domain Applications of Business Analytics

Area: Healthcare & Biotech Management

Healthcare & Hospital Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Introduction to Healthcare Management
Economics of Healthcare Business
Healthcare Laws, Standards & Professional Ethics
Healthcare & Hospital Administration
Planning, Designing & Managing Facilities
Hospital Operations & Patient Care Management
Quality Management in Healthcare
Hospital Maintenance & Safety Management
Purchase & Materials Management in Hospital
Hospital Information System
Public Health Systems & Outreach Programs
Health Insurance and Medical Tourism
Analytics for Healthcare Industry

Biotechnology Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Basic Biology
Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
Basic Bioinformatics
Business of Biotechnology & Emerging Trends
Good   Manufacturing    Practices    for    Biotech Industry
Intellectual Property Rights & Regulations in Biotech Sector
Advanced Molecular Biology
OMIX Techniques
Drug Development
Product Development & Commercialization
Marketing of Biotechnology Products
Ethical Aspects in Biotechnology Sector

Area:Tourism, Hospitality and Hotel Management

Travel & Tourism Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Fundamentals of Tourism Management
Tourism Marketing
Entrepreneurship in Tourism
Medical Tourism
Eco Tourism
Globalization, Conservation and Preservation of Nature and Culture
E-Ticketing & Transportation in Tourism
Adventure Tourism
Package Tour Operations
Culinary Tourism
Tourism Product Culture of India
Introduction to Travel Management

Hotel & Hospitality Management

Elective PapersElective Papers
Introduction to Hotel Management
Accommodation Operations
Front Office Operations
Food Production – I
Hotel Maintenance
HR Management & Hotel Laws

Facility Planning and Management
Food Production – II
Culinary Management
Advanced Food & Beverage Service
House Keeping Management
Hotel Information System (IT)

Area: Statistics and Econometrics

Statistics and Econometrics

Elective PapersElective Papers
Introduction to Statistics and Econometrics
Multiple Statistical Analysis
Probability Theory
Vector and Matrices – I
Statistical Methods – I
Descriptive Statistics for univariate, bivariate and multivariate data
Numerical Analysis Remedial English
Discrete Mathematics
Differential Equations
Linear Statistical Models
Statistical and Econometric Methods for Transportation Data Analysis
Multiple Regression Analysis
Vector and Matrices – II
Statistical Methods – II
Time Series Methods
Standard univariate probability distributions
Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research
Statistics Comprehensive
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Elements of Algebraic Structures
Introduction to Programming and Data Structures
Parametric Inference