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Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME, Govt. of India)

The Scheme provides opportunity to the innovators in developing and nurturing their new innovative ideas for the production of new innovative products which can be sent in to the market for commercialization.

GLF Business School (Host Institutions) are exploring the new innovative ideas from the Incubatee of various sectors that may be existing and prospective entrepreneurs. Even the students from the various streams are also participating in nurturing their new ideas through the Host Institutions as a part of their studies and carrier building.






Biotech Research & Innovation Centre (BRIC)

GLF Business School is the first B-School in India that offers MBA course in Biotech Management.  The Centre aims at promoting innovation in biotechnology and converting the innovation into business proposition. The Centre also aims at developing entrepreneurs for the Biotech Industry in areas of health, agriculture, energy, environment, industrial biotech etc . The Centre offers training and courses on management of biotech companies which need professionals who have the knowledge of both biotechnology as well as business management.



Analytics Centre of Excellence (ACE)

The Centre ranks amongst Top–10 Business Analytics Institutions in India (Higher Education Review, Bangalore, 2018). The objectives of the centre includes:

· Developing courses on analytics.

· Providing thought leadership and mentoring in Analytics to various sectors.

· Conducting Applied Research in the cutting edge areas of the entire gamut of soft computing, text mining, data mining, machine learning in the paradigm of analytics and apply the outcome to solve industry problems.

· Develop Proof of Concepts in big data analytics.

· Disseminating knowledge through training programs on new and frontier areas of analytics as applied to different industries.

· To carry out projects funded by external agencies.

· To develop frameworks of analytics in different areas.

Centre of Excellence in Valuation Studies (CEVS)

GLF Business School is the first B-School in India that offers courses on Valuation since 2016 embrace all three asset classes: Real Estate, Plant & Machinery, and Business Valuation. Centre of Excellence for Valuation Studies (CEVS) at GLFBS was inaugurated by Dr. M S Sahoo, Chairman IBBI, Government of India in a ceremonial event held on 9th June 2018 at GLF Business School, Kolkata. The objective of the Centre is to act as a competency and capability centre in the Valuation Studies for all classes of assets to meet the need of time. The Centre of Excellence is aimed at providing research, support, guidance, training and oversight to the peer professional groups and students, Registered Valuer Organizations (RVOs), and industry to build leadership in the valuation profession under different asset categories.

Venture Lab

Since 2005, the Venture Lab integrates science and technology with management to convert innovations into business ventures.  Objectives of the centre is to act as a Technology Business  Incubator and facilitates the young entrepreneurs in start-ups in different thrust areas. The entrepreneurs are offered management courses and training to build necessary cohesiveness with commercialization of business ideas. It provides platform of getting advisory services from the mentors and industry experts through Business Clinics  as well as meeting with the investors and prospective customers on the other hand. Linkages and strategic collaboration with industry bodies and research institutions are important functions of the Centre.


Women Innovation Startup Hub